Monday, January 26, 2015

Now What?

"Neddy," 7 x 5 oil -first signed painting of 2015!
So, today was a typical post– "I Will Conquer The World!  I Will Make Changes!" kind of day.  First off, it was COLD out.  Not as cold as it has been, but there was enough of a wind, coming from the wrong direction (which is anything other than northwest) that it felt colder than it should have.  I went out to feed, and Twine was steaming, which is enough to send my stomach in knots, thinking she's going to abort right then and there.  The thing is, there's nothing that can be done, so I just carry on, soaking feeds, putting out water and hay...she cleaned up her breakfast and seemed to chill a bit, so I'm just going to hope it was some weirdness, and she'll wait full term before she shares her baby with us.

Dashed out to pick up a load of hay, once the gang was turned out.  You'd think that would warm me up, but it didn't - that wind again, in the wrong direction.  Obviously my friends in New York, etc., are dealing with much worse today, so my apologies to them...but I'm betting that weird wind was related! After I came back with hay, I finally came in to have breakfast, a cappuccino, and check my email.  I decided to make a phone call I've been putting off for, well, months, to make some changes to my cell phone account.  Why have I been putting it off?  Well, phone calls, to me, inevitably set my day off track.  Why can't I do everything via email or text?  Sigh.  Anyway...that put me behind schedule.  At least, by then, it had warmed up a couple of degrees. Unloading the hay got my body temp up enough, my hands didn't freeze while I was doing stalls, so I got them done in reasonable time.

The phone call setback meant I only had time to ride one horse, so Leo was elected.  As I'd given him two days off, and it was pretty cold, I thought some time on the longe line was in order.  Good call, apparently.  I've only seen him that high on the longe line once before, on a similar day.  Once he returned to this planet, I got cool him out!  Took care of him after the ride, checked to make sure Gracie had survived her day of turnout, and headed back to get ready to bring in and feed the guys at home.

And occurs to me, my HST is due at the end of the week, so I really should be working on that, instead of painting.  That's just the way things work sometimes!

Someone was a little fresh today.

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