Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Jubie Retrospective

"Dreamy"  8 x 6 oil study on Raymar panel, sold.

I went to visit Jubie at her new home this past Saturday.  Now called Raeleah (Rae), she is living the life in paradise.  She has been such a wonderful model, I thought a little retrospective of the work she's inspired was in order!  Not that I'm done painting her, yet! 

Definitely paradise.

"Firstborn," 14 x 11 oil on Raphael linen panel. Sold;  reproductions available!

"Jubilant"  11 x 14 oil study on Raphael linen panel.  Available, framed, $500.

"The Bond (or, You Still Love Me, Don't You?" 14 x 11 oil on Raphael linen panel.  Sold, reproductions available.

"These Eyes," 6 x 8 oil study on Raymar panel.  Available, $100.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Looks like you found her the perfect that befits a 'super' model :D

Linda Shantz said...

Yes she's quite happy.:-)

Jo Castillo said...

Just gorgeous. I love your horses. :)

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Jo!