Saturday, April 26, 2014

Art Plus Art Equals Art

And sometimes songs inspire this one. "I Hear You Calling," 8 x 6 oil on canvas.
Okay....what's that supposed to mean, right? I am constantly on the search for new music.  I don't typically listen to mainstream radio - in the barn I usually play Jazz FM or my iPod, and in the truck I had satellite radio tuned to Sirius XMU until the subscription that cam with the truck apparently died, so now it's my iPhone music on shuffle.  I'm often exchanging new discoveries with fellow artist and friend across the pond, Sheona Hamilton Grant, and this week I was lamenting the loss of my satellite radio, which is where I made a lot of those discoveries.  Whatever will I do now? That took me off on a time-wasting  Very Important mission listening to iTunes radio's Acoustic Alternative.  Then tonight, of all places, I heard a song on Hockey Night in Canada that sent me to the laptop to find out more about the band.  Actually, it's not the first time I've been impressed by music choices on HNIC.  Someone on there has good taste (or my taste!) and it's always Canadian, which is a bonus to someone who likes to "shop" Canadian!

Said HNIC song led me to SoundCloud, which Sheona had reminded me about earlier this year.  I hadn't given it much more thought, but tonight I started painting while listening to a few songs, and then it carried on with "recommended" music.  I've been kind of impressed at what it's thrown at me - I've actually been painting away and enjoying it. my world, good music inspires more time at the easel...and this blog post.  Art plus art equals art, right?  I have a few new paintings on the go at the moment...hopefully soon I'll have one finished to share!  In the meantime, if you want a sneak peak, pop over to my Facebook page, where you'll find the WIPs. 

And if you want to hear some of what I was listening to tonight....this is me on SoundCloud.

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