Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Other Half of the Entry, 2008 Version!

Gracie and Billy then..."Boy Meets Girl," 8 x 16 oil on Raymar
Well, I can't talk about Gracie's birthday without recalling the arrival of Billy the following day.  Gracie and Billy were opposites in a lot of ways.  Sweet little filly, big, tough colt.  Billy was a real challenge from day one. Fortunately he's grown up to be a wonderful young man, now progressing beautifully in his new career!  It's so nice to see the babies grow up.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Billy is now known as Parker,  and you can see what he's been up to on his new owner's blog, A Filly's Best Friend.   I'm hoping Gracie and I might be able to take a field trip this year and have a little reunion of the Foals of '08!  It would be fun to see them together.  Gracie has caught up to her old friend size-wise, but I think she might be the one who is a little more of a challenge now! *cough*chesnutmare*cough* 

Happy Birthday Parker!  Looking forward to seeing great things from you this year!

Handsome baby boy!

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T Myers said...

There's my big baby!!