Sunday, February 02, 2014

Falling Back on Photos

You know it's feed time when the widgets start eating the fences...or each other.
I have been painting.  Really I have.  It's just that sometimes I feel as if I'm posting endless WIP updates on my Facebook page, and never actually finishing anything.  I'm trying to keep my focus to one painting right now, because it's been a WIP too long, and it's very close to completion, so I really just need to keep my head down and get it done!  I WILL be heading to the easel after I finish writing this post.  I think - or hope - a couple more sessions will see this one ready to sign. 

Brigitte and Rachel, two-year olds home to grow up.
 In the meantime, the ponies have been providing me with fresh inspiration for new paintings.  At the top of the list is the always-entertaining widgets!  It doesn't matter which version I have on the farm....the widgets are always beggin to be painted.  If I can just get to them all, I'll have a really fun series!

Monster, the old lady on the farm at fourteen!

So for now...everyone was being particularly photogenic today.  The only one I didn't get a pic of was Leo.  Don't feel sorry for him, I've got lots of pics of the boy, so missing one today wasn't a slight!

Star, with Polly peeking over her back.

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