Monday, December 09, 2013


Victor says, "Darn!  I blinked again!"

Once upon a time, I did blog posts on a regular basis.  What happened?  I can't say "life," because my life is pretty much what it has been.  It's not any more, or less crazy (well maybe a little less crazy than it has been during foaling season).  I've come to the conclusion that part of me says, "why bother?"  I'm reasonably good at posting updates on my Facebook page, and I manage the odd newsletter.  It seems most of the interaction happens on Facebook these days, so I feel when I post here, I'm just repeating myself.  Does anyone read blogs anymore?  I do, but well, good or bad, I'm not "anyone,"  haha!

 What makes a blog different?  Well, it allows longer posts than one generally likes to read on Facebook. I do like to write, so the blog is a good place for stories about the farm, and more in-depth commentary about works in progress.  I've decided that should be my focus here - and if I fall off the edge of the earth again, please feel free to pop over to Facebook and bring me back!  ;-)

So, if you're not on my mailing list, and don't follow on Facebook, hi!  How have you been?  Things are busy but quiet here on the farm, if that makes sense.  Foals are now weanlings, two-year olds are enjoying time off before going back into training in the New Year....all but one of the broodmares have new homes.  If you're looking for a fun training project, come see Jubie, she's your girl!

I will try to make an effort to post long overdue updates, most of which have been shared on Facebook.  Then....let me see if I can follow through with bringing this blog back to life!

If you're still out there, loyally waiting for posts....thank you!

 Above - Sheldon, hanging out and eating hay.  Below, one of the recent new paintings, "Have We Met?"


Karen Thumm said...

Linda, I DO still read blogs and very much enjoy them, so don't stop your blog! Yours is always fun and/or interesting.

I also enjoy writing mine and will keep at it even if no one reads it.


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Karen! I read yours too, even if I don't comment!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I'm still blogging away too or is it plugging away :) I agree that it's probably Facebook that has stopped a lot who used to much immediate there! I'm trying to get back to the habit of blogging daily but I'm still lapsing from time to time....

T Myers said...

I read a tonne of blogs still also....nothing will ever replace them for me!