Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Snow

Look at this, three blog posts this week!  The first real snow always inspires something, for me...those big fluffy flakes are just so beautiful, even if all the while I'm whining about the cold that is accompanying them.  We still don't really have enough to properly cover my poor rutted paddocks, but it's a start.  And yes, a month from now if this snowing thing becomes a regular event, I *will* be whining about it, fair warning.  ;-) 

Naturally, I ran out and took some pics with the good camera.  The iPhone is handy for recording those quick things, and I admit to being somewhat of an Instagram addict, but the photo distortion does get to me, so the big lens and DLSR don't have to worry about ever being abandoned. 

 Victor showing off to the girls

Back to Instagram for a has got me thinking of a new painting series.  You'll have to wait and see what may or may not come out of that, however! are a few pics from the snowy day yesterday.  Commissions are taking my time at the easel at the moment, so studio updates are under wraps at the moment! 

Pretty Polly....


T Myers said...

Where did this snow come from!! We are still land of ice at the moment!

Linda Shantz said...

Probably from Michigan, haha. More coming tomorrow - you should get some of that, I think!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thats a lovely photo of Polly very christmassy :)