Monday, September 23, 2013

C'mon, Keep Up!

Apparently, that's something I haven't been doing.  I *do* have updates....really.  Everything seems to be keeping me busy enough not to get to them, however.  Some people do New Year's resolutions, but I find fall as appropriate a time as any to form new habits (haha...or attempt to).  Maybe it's all those years of going to school.  Seems as good a time as any to start something new!  Like, perhaps, posting regularly again?

Horses have been coming and going - yearlings off to the training centre for the next stage of their lives, two-year olds back for a rest after a bit of time at the track. Fall seems to be settling in a little too comfortably, but I guess that's inevitable.  It's dark when I get up to feed the horses.  Dark too soon after they come in for dinner. 

The two April foals, Moxy and Stella, were weaned last week, and are adjusting to their new life as individuals.  Well, mostly.  They still have each other, and soon they will get a formal introduction to Victor, so that the latest version of widgets can begin to entertain!

Fall will be a busy time for art as well.  The Milton Studio Tour is less than two weeks away, and the way the trees are changing colour, it should be a beautiful time for a drive in the country!  I'm back at my home location for the tour this year, so come out and see some artwork and get a glimpse of those 'kids' out in the paddock that provide my never-ending inspiration!  Dates are October 5&6 from 10am-5pm both days.

The following weekend, which is the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, I'm joining a group of artist friends to show work at the Erin Fall Fair.  If you're visiting, look for us!  There are five of us involved, and I guess you could call us the founding members of the Canadian Equine Artists Society.  So far we just have a Facebook page.  Join us there to keep up to date on developments!

Busy days ahead.  Hope you can make it out to one of the upcoming events to see my new work!

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