Sunday, July 14, 2013

Order from Chaos

A Better Outlook for Polly

The paintings I've been working on lately have been very structured, organized.  My more detailed work usually goes this way.  I start with an accurate drawing; drawing is transferred to painting surface of choice, drawing is fixed with oil paint, tones are indicated, a complete underpainting is used to establish tones before proceeding to colour.  After such discipline, sometimes I throw that out the window and just mess around.  The result is often less than perfect, but somehow it helps balance things in my brain when the screws get too tight.

This little painting isn't complete by any stretch, as there is much more order to be established.  My life has continued to be somewhat chaotic of late, with yet more horse stress (though at least this time the biggest scare didn't end with losing the patient) yesterday, I started this, then went and rode my silly chestnut mare for the first time in a week. Funny how nice a ride one can have when one goes with absolutely no expectations.  ;-)

Tune in at a later date for the finished piece.  But don't hold your breath. 

 Experimenting with colour....
....then wimping out!  Will try to get some back.  ;-) As well as fixing the scary legs.

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