Monday, April 30, 2012

One Week

I'd like to say that things have settled down around here, but that hasn't exactly happened.  There's always something, and I know that what it comes down to is just making time for stuff, regardless of how busy things get.  I've been making an effort to get some painting done, though I haven't exactly hit my stride yet. 

Last week my good friend Kimberly Santini of Painting a Dog a Day fame threw out an invitation, of sorts.  For the last few years Kim has been taking the Dog a Day project on an equine tangent for Kentucky Derby week.  It was that reminder which inspired me to do my best to complete a daily painting each day this week.  Not quite as exciting as the Thirty Horses, Thirty Days I have done in the past, but something I can grasp at the moment, given my schedule!

Today's painting is a 5 x 7 oil on Raymar cotton canvas panel of little Brigitte, the filly born a week ago today.  Not a lot of paint used, as I kind of decided I liked the washy look.  There are also only three colours employed:  red umber, ultramarine blue and cerulean blue.  If I owned a tube of cobalt, I could have kept it to two!

One day down....we'll see what I manage tomorrow!

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