Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ah Peaker, We Knew You When....

Well, it seemed a long time coming, but our girl Miss Peaks (Clever Peaks, aka Peaker!) broke her maiden last night at Woodbine. It was her first start of the year, and she was very keen to get back to business. She is the first UnStable homebred to win - hopefully her younger brothers will soon follow in her footsteps !

We always marvel, looking at Peaker and her weanling friend Maria, side by side now on the shed at the track, how they've both grown to be such tall girls. We also always found it remarkable that Maria got to the races and won her first race as a two-year old, as she was the one with problems requiring surgery as a yearling! Just goes to show you, you never know how things will work out!

Peaker and Maria, BFFs!


Studio at the Farm said...

WOW, congradulations to you and Peaker!

Susan said...

What an exiting race - and it looks like she had a lot left at the end! Congratulations, Linda!