Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, Goodbye...

Well...suffice to say I've been busy. I've had many things to write about, but no time to do so! This is my attempt to catch up a bit...and hopefully distract you from the fact that I haven't done my filly painting yet this week!

I'm taking part in a couple of shows that will be happening in November. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be in a show at Cazenovia College, dubbed, "Le Cheval." I will be showing some of my smaller paintings, as unfortunately this came together somewhat last-minute and I was unable to send larger work. The most exciting thing for me about this show is that my work will be hanging with that of several of my very good artist friends, including Juliet Harrison, Kathi Peters, and Kim Santini. While we may not be able to be there in person, it's quite cool that our work will be hanging out!

The second show is the Royal Winter Fair Fine Art Showcase. I was in this show last year, and this year my 12 x 16 oil painting "Ground Rules" (above) was accepted. Today I drove into the city with friend and fellow artist Lise Leblanc who was also accepted, to deliver our work. Stay tuned for more details! The Royal runs from November 5-14, 2010.

Around the farm, I've been busy with a lot of juggling! Last week Vivien came back from Fort Erie, and I needed to wait till we got her shoes off to turn her out with anyone else. Yesterday ended up being a big day. Viv got to go out with BJ, and they were fast friends - I think I'll call them the Mud Twins! Then at feed time, I finally broke down and weaned Baby Girl. Such sad whinnies! Gracie even helped her out on the chorus a few times! Today those two went out on their own, and Jubie was introduced to the three broodmares in the front paddock. I expected fireworks, but they seemed quite understanding of her plight! Anyway...bonds were broken, but new friends made. And so it goes!

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