Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! 19 weeks

Well, to make up for a very rushed sub-par painting this week, I'm including some photos of our Baby Girl. I was actually just going to post the charcoal drawing I did last night - I wasn't feeling great but wanted to do something - then today decided to try a quick painting of the same pose. Part of my problem was, I upped the stakes by painting on a piece of inkjet canvas! Don't ask me why, except that I won't feel really badly about tossing it! I actually like the charcoal sketch better, even though it has some serious problems!

Baby Girl and I play this game. Yes playing games with babies is bad, but it's far too funny. I only come up on the outside of the paddock on this corner if I have my camera, so she inevitably comes over. Then she runs away. Then she runs back. And so on. I have a very similar photo to this one of Monster as a baby, as she would come flying at me - kind of a game of human-equine chicken! I did have the benefit of a fence between me and her for this one!

Sometimes I look at her and she looks so grown up...then others, she still looks like such a baby and I feel badly for planning her upcoming weaning. I keep putting it off! Then she tries something cheeky, and weaning seems like a good idea again!


MariasWatercolor said...

They grow up fast, but they have so much fun when they are young, so happy, thanks for sharing your baby.

RLT Art said...

Beautiful piece of art and your little foal is so adorable and cheeky looking.

Big Filly Adventures said...

Hey Linda ~ just catching up on what new on your easel! Great stuff as usual! We should get together soon!


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks everyone (sorry I'm a little late with that!).

Yeah Lise - we're overdue! :-)