Monday, September 27, 2010

Making New Friends

In a few weeks it will be time to wean Jubie's Baby Girl - hard to believe, isn't it? Only foals are tough for obvious reasons. They need a buddy to keep them company once Mom's taken away. Monster's weaning buddy was a track layup named Storybound. For Peaker, I borrowed a pony mare, and then the owners bought Maria from the mixed sale, so she had a friend her own age. As much as I would love to have another baby, I personally don't need another horse right now! When Gracie came back from the track, I had my answer. Gracie has been on small paddock turnout in the space beside Jubie and the baby since she came home, which I find works well for pre-introduction, but I'm always a little tense on that first day.

I needn't have been, this time! I threw hay out in the big paddock, and Jubie went right to it. Next I slipped Gracie in, expecting Jubie to quite quickly switch into protective momma mode. Uh....Jubie? Jubie didn't even lift her head from the hay! Baby Girl observed from a distance as Gracie scoped out the paddock, sniffing every pile, nibbling weeds. When Baby Girl started to run around, Gracie ran a bit....but nothing alarming. Within a couple of hours the two fillies were off on their own, while Jubie ignored them. It wasn't until Gracie tried to nibble on Jubie's hay pile that Jubie exploded!

I think Baby Girl was a little concerned about her mother's indifference. She kept coming back to nurse - more frequently than normal. It was rather sweet when the three of them started hanging together, and Baby Girl seemed to be looking for reassurance that Jubie did still love her!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Now that bottom photo is definately a mummy baby painting :D

Linda Shantz said...

Yes it has serious potential!