Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Nine Weeks, Can You Believe It?

Today's painting shows our little girl at nine weeks old...which means she is now two and a half months (remember I'm a week 'behind' with the paitnings)! Today she got her first real trim and was quite well-behaved for that. I waited till *after* we were done to tell the blacksmith about how she likes to practice rearing repeatedly when she's on her own! After we did the filly in the stall, we pulled Jubie out to do her in the aisle, and the little girl handled that so well, I was proud of her. Momma and baby are both very well-adjusted, which hasn't always been the case with some of the foals from previous years!

This painting is 8 x 10 oil on canvas. I played with a couple of my new Vasari colours - scarlet sienna, and Adobe, which is a proprietary blend, apparently. Love both, even if the tubes are a bit too oily. The consistency of the paint is very nice, and the colours are beautiful. Think I need to get back to the easel and play with them some more!

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