Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going Green - 8 weeks old

I did this week's filly painting a day early, because tomorrow I'm off to Saratoga for a few days. I feel better about this one that last week's, and I already have some great pics for next week, thanks to they baby girl showing off for the camera yesterday!

This is 6 x 8 oil on Raphael linen panel. I went back to my old limited palette - still love how those colours come together. If this would dry in time I'd take it with me, but that's not going to happen. As it is, there will be a few of my smaller paintings at the Beresford Gallery, across from the track on Union Avenue. Make sure you pop in if you're there! They have a beautiful collection of paintings for sale from a variety of International artists.

Back to work - lots to do before I go to bed tonight - I'll be leaving at 5AM so I get there in time for the races!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Time pressure suits you:D Love the way this piece looks. Colour, expression turning a normal moment (munching hay) into something special.
Have a great time in Saratoga!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sheona. You wouldn't know anything about time crunch now, would you? :-)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love the light in this one...have a good time in Saratoga can imagine the early morning light there :)

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Elizabeth. My one friend is able to get us into the backstretch, so looking for some good AM photo ops this year! Hope the weather cooperates!