Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work! In! Progress!

Please forgive my title - what I used to find annoying (bizarre web punctuation) I apparently now find amusing, and so I've used it for this post. The painting in question is one that I can only say I started by popular demand! So many people commented on the photo after I posted it on Facebook, and thought it should be a painting, and I had to agree. This is 11 x 14 oil on Raphael panel. What you see above is the completed underpainting. It's pretty loose, and I'm going to have fun playing with this as I begin the colour, because in order for this to *work* there will need to be an interesting combination of detail and brushwork. Hoping I can pull off what's in my head!

I thought I'd show you a couple of early stages, too. First one is the panel, stained with transparent red oxide, and the rough tonal drawing. For the underpainting I used burnt umber, ultramarine blue and titanium white. As you can see from the image at the start of the post, I've let some of that red toned panel peek through. I just like the effect, even though it will be covered, more or less, once I add colour! The underpainting has dried very quickly (thanks to some less humid weather, and an efficient dehumidifier!) so it won't be long before I get to start that next step.

For a diversion, tonight I believe I finished my first cow painting! I'll show him off after I get the client's approval. See you soon!


Kathleen said...

Lovely painting - I really enjoy seeing the creative process in work in progress posts. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Really love it don't you ever feel scared when the under painting looks this good that you will lose it with colour :)

Karen Hargett said...

I love seeing your work in progress. This is going to be a lovely painting.

Do you have any books you would recommend on painting - really basic stuff?

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks everyone.

Yes, Elizabeth, been there many times! This one I'm kind of looking forward to the colour though, because I purposely didn't put too much detail into the UP. Not that I still couldn't mess it up!

Karen, I can't really think of any books at the moment. What you might want to do is hang around at wetcanvas.com for a while in the oil painting forum (or the animal forum). You'll see lots of WIP threads there. I've always found those types of communities more helpful than any book I've come across, and people are generally very helpful over there!