Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'd Rather Be Going Racing!

Grumble grumble...yes, I'm conflicted. I had fully planned to go to the races today, to watch my boy Rupert run (he really needs to overcome his recent second-itis, could today be the day?) as well as catch the Queenston Stakes, which will feature a couple of Plate hopefuls including last year's champion two-year old. But a comedy of errors last Saturday has meant I needed to reschedule an appointment with a saddle fitter for Monster, something I've been waiting on for a while, so I didn't very well feel I could tell them I had to go watch the ponies run instead! Sigh. Sometimes being responsible just isn't any fun at all!

I think I'm due a new painting featuring Rupert, and I actually have one in mind. Today I'm hoping my current commission on the easel is dry enough to start colour, but if not, maybe I'll indulge myself and start a new one. In the meantime, here's one of my goofy chestnut boy. Go Rupert! And happy Preakness Day, everyone! Safe trip for you all!


Diana said...

I feel your pain. Have a great day anyways.

Miccosukee said...

Getting a saddle fitted can be such a hassle, especially with a developing horse. It seems you keep having to redo it as his muscles change. But with the price of saddles, good ones at least, as much as my dressage saddles were, I understand keeping and coddling your saddle fitter.
Best to you and Rupert!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks to both of you! Almost had another communication nightmare as the time they gave me for the appointment was different from what time they scheduled for themselves! Fortunately they came back! As my mare is just getting back into work, I know we'll be doing this again down the road as she develops! :-P

Rupert ran well, but was fourth. Maybe he misinterpreted my mentioning the second-itis!