Thursday, May 06, 2010

HELP WANTED: Many positions available!

Things were supposed to get easier, after finishing my Thirty Days, right? Well, one would think, but with two mares back from Kentucky, and an overdue GST return to do, that doesn't seem to be the case. So let me see, if only I could hire some help, what would I need?

Office assistant - someone to pack up the three painting that need to go to New Jersey, and four smaller framed giclées that need to go to Manitoba, and then take them to the post office (somehow I have to fit that task into today!). Send ad for Queen's Plate edition of Canadian Thoroughbred from designer in - oh look, that one's done!

Bookkeeper - to finish up that pesky GST. Seems my brain has decided it's late already, so what's another day or two? And I can accept having to pay a penalty for late filing; I can't, however, accept the paintings not getting to New Jersey on time, the giclées likewise. Sigh. It's only money, right? Why can't that big chunk I sent them for my income tax be enough to keep them happy? Maybe they're busy enough with that not to notice (hahaha...Rev Canada...right...).

Barn Help - back up to seven stalls, feeding four times a day, keeping an eye on the broodmare due on the 21st, making sure the boys don't kill each other with their antics...really, this is a full time job on its own! This one has the added bonus of physical activity!

Dog Walker - Finn has adopted my parents, so he's good. Swish is a little POed at me right now! But thankfully, dogs are very forgiving.

Rider - two horses here, one horse somewhere else. Various stages of development, from just-broke green, to not-quite-that-green.

Artist - work on commission with rapidly approaching deadline; finish painting to be photographed for a demo at Pirak Studios tonight; attend Open House at Pirak Studios.

Hours are flexible; must be willing to work for artwork. Any takers? :-D

I much to do, why am I sitting here writing this post? Gotta fly!


Kimberly Santini said...

Wish I could help out! I wouldn't mind mucking stalls and hanging with the boys, sketching them while they burn off steam.... ;) hang in there!

Anonymous said...

ha - I commiserate ~ however, life is exciting and we are happy to not be bored..I looked in the mirror other other day, and didn't recognize myself..that was terrifying!! lol

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Kim! I realized as I was power-mucking (time's a-ticking!) that I forgot a couple of positions - chef and personal trainer! Hey, if Oprah can have them why not me?

Linda Shantz said...

Didn't see your comment first Jenn - looking in the mirror is one thing I avoid these days, because of that needing a personal trainer thing! I also need that superhero "Will Power" to come work for me...though I haven't had chocolate all week. It's making me kind of crabby!

Jennifer Rose said...

If I knew how to drive, I'd gladly be the hired help :) :p no promises the tax stuff would actually be done right tho ;p

Kpeters said...

How I can relate...even to the personal trainer part!! Great blog!
I laugh cuz' I look in the mirror and see my mother!!
So add a hairdresser to the need to do helper list!!!

Linda Shantz said...

Hehe - thanks Jennifer R. The tax stuff is definitely an annoyance!

Kathi - I have a hairdresser on "staff" haha - I trade her for babysitting/training her dog - but the problem is actually *getting* there! Just not high on my list of priorities! Though that seems to let me keep my hair long, or I'd look like my mother too! Not that that's a bad thing - she looks better than me anyway!