Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Vengeance

Today, round two of the Flymask Duel. Spider, outfitted with his new, improved mask, was set for the challenge. He wasted no time, showing impressive smarts to get Leo's mask off, stopping the clock at 8:45am. Rather than going for the velcro, which had proved to be his undoing yesterday (or...kept him from undoing, more accurately!) he went for the top of the mask, and simply pulled it over Leo's ears. Well played, Spider! That's right, folks, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have nothing on us!

(Truth be told, I had to save poor Leo and remove the mask, as that "supervelcro" wasn't going to give and who knew what trouble he could get into trying to run and fight with a mask hanging off his jaw! As I figured Spider was at a disadvantage in the competition yesterday with the less powerful velcro of the older mask, I awarded him the victory today, despite incomplete mask removal. ;-) )

Ah, Leo...payback's a bummer!


Kathleen said...

Oh, gracious! All this time I have been thinking that Hershey was doing this all by himself =p Now I will have to watch more closely and see if that is really true! *roflol* Very fun photos!

Linda Shantz said...

Who knows what they do when we're not watching!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

That's my boy...the thinker....all that smart Scottish blood in him LOL