Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wishing and Hoping

I'll be posting all of the great efforts by our Belmont pARTy participants very shortly on the Virtual pARTy blog. In the studio, however, we will now return to our regular programming!

Next in my June Thirty Days, I decided to do a yearling. Those gawky weanlings become awkward yearlings on January 1, but as the months go on, they start to look like horses instead of babies. It's June, and in the last two months, the two February babies here on the farm have changed so much, starting to fill out as they continue to grow. Both of them are probably about 15-3 hands. This is a great time for them - all they have to worry about is eating and playing and trying to stay out of trouble! Their greatest stress is standing for the blacksmith every six weeks (ahem - Billy!!).

Today's painting is 9 x 12 oil on canvas panel. You might recognize it as the one I started with acrylics last weekend. Gone is that red and blue complimentary underpainting! I kept it pretty simple, and tried to keep the colour fresh. This colt I photographed at the local breeding farm I often visit. This guy is destined for one of the yearling sales south of the border later on in the summer.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!


Kimberly Santini said...

OMG! This is stunning - all sorts of expletives are running through my head! The light is fabulous, the colors are harmonious, the atmosphere perfect, the composition exciting, and the fellow himself is full of personality. GREAT JOB!!

Kathleen said...

He has so much personality! Love the constrast of the soft background and the controlled detail of the horse. Very nice!

Beth said...