Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Giant

If I was going to pick the Plate winner this year on looks alone, it would be Eye of the Leopard. He's big and handsome, everything you would expect from a royally-bred Sam-Son runner. He's the one you'd think had 'destiny' stamped all over him. His downfall is he's lightly-raced, and probably just beginning to come into himself. He kind of makes me think of the kid who's gone to a private all-boys school and has just entered the next level of education where he's bumping shoulders with the 'common people.' It could mean he gets his butt kicked tomorrow, or he could prove he is everything he's supposed to be, given that privileged status.

Eye of the Leopard was expected to be favoured for the Plate after his Trial win, but the appearance of Milwaukee Appeal dislodged him to second choice. After painting Ziggy yesterday, I could have written a David and Goliath comparison today. It's not that Ziggy isn't well-bred and good-looking, but he does come in as the 'little guy' longshot next to the big-time outfit and breeding of Eye of the Leopard!

This painting is 8 x 10 oil on panel, and it kind of painted itself, much like Ziggy's painting yesterday. That's the last of the Plate hopefuls I'm going to paint, at least before the race, so we're just about ready for the big day! Post time is 5:30pm and CBC is broadcasting this year, starting at 4:30pm. I will have a post tomorrow, but I'm not guaranteeing a painting! That will depend on whether or not I'm able to get a second one done today, because tomorrow, I'll be kind of busy!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Wow thought Ziggy was good but this is so juicy I could eat it...metaphorically speaking. It's Alive!!!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

You did "real good":) LOVE the vibrancy, composition and palette.

Kathleen said...

Lovely painting - I can see the strength and power! *WOW*