Friday, May 15, 2009

Preakness pARTy!

Well, we're at it again. Kim Santini and I did another 'paint-off' today to commemorate tomorrow's Preakness Stakes. The photo was supplied by our mutual friend, photographer Juliet Harrison. Thanks, Juliet! To see the image we worked from visit the Virtual pARTy blog. That's where you'll also be able to see both our paintings.

My motto for today was "work smarter, not harder!" The breeding season has been throwing me curve balls this year, and so far 'the team' is striking out! Today was another vet visit to check the status of a couple of the mares - my vet comes often enough these days that my dogs don't bother to announce his arrival anymore! Anyway, all that meant I knew my time to paint might be limited , as I called making the latest round of arrangements after I had the necessary information regarding the girls...on top of the usual barn chores. I decided to go with a pretty extreme crop of the reference image, and then chose a piece of precious Artfix linen on which to work, as I know paintings all but paint themselves on this surface (now that I seem to have figured it out!).

The result: 10 x 16, oil on linen, tentatively titled 'Eye on the Prize.' As much as I love to see fillies beat the boys, I have to maintain my loyalty to Mine That Bird tomorrow, and join in on the rain dance headed by my friends at Pine Valley! I saw Gemini Caine last weekend when I was in at the track....yes, I was the one yelling through the tunnel to the main track, "How's the person that BROKE THE DERBY WINNER?" So...first things first, wishing everybody a safe trip tomorrow...and looking forward to seeing how the drama plays out!

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pencilportraits said...

Hi Linda, fantastic art, as you say an unusual composition. Sounds as those you'll have your hands full with foals in the not too distant future so make the most of that spare bit of time you have for now!