Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joy, The Encore!

I hadn't intended to paint today. I was up extra late last night and finished another painting after posting yesterday's assignment, so I was going to use that one, even though it didn't quite fit the 'daily painting' criteria in the strictest sense. Today is Easter Sunday, after all. But then I was sitting here thinking that I wanted to do a painting, some sort of horsey expression of the significance of this holiday. So this is kind of a spring version of the one I did for Christmas. This time my model was Jubie, who yesterday was enjoying turnout in a new paddock. I didn't paint in the mud that was all over her!

I let myself have another Raphael linen panel for this, and knowing it would be a lot easier to do if I used a larger surface, went with an 11 x 14. On top of all those indulgences, I didn't go with the limited palette, either. The photo isn't likely to pick that up, of course!

I know everyone's assuming I'm up to my eyeballs in chocolate eggs and bunnies today - I'm not! As they don't really play a meaningful role anymore in the importance of the day in this house, I'm more than happy to wait until tomorrow, when I'll do my best to take advantage of those half-price sales! I've got another guest blogger lined up for you tomorrow, so I'll see you again then...hopefully well-stocked with more chocolate!

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