Saturday, April 25, 2009

How Are Things at Your End?

You might think we horse artists are a strange bunch. And I should probably retract my comments about cliché from yesterday's post after I explain that statement. Yes, eyes are a very popular thing to study, paint, and photograph. You know what other part of the horse a number of us seem to like to depict? The other end.

I don't think non-horse people understand that at all. They just seem to think of a bunch of tired jokes about this part of a horse's anatomy, whereas to a horse person, the hind end is a very important piece of equipment. The musculature is just amazing, I think more so than any other part of the horse. You might hear racehorse people call it "the engine." It's certainly where the power comes from. I've done a lot of paintings prominently featuring the hindquarters, and I know I'm not the only artist out there to do so...yet I've never heard any artist make the claim that they were first to do a butt shot, whereas I have when it comes to eyes! Funny.

Today's painting is 6 x 8 oil on Raphel linen panel. As Saturdays have had a racehorse theme to them, I picked a photo of a horse in the walking ring at Woodbine to work from. I hope you notice the checkers - that's the pattern you see on his rump. When I worked at the track, we always brushed in checkers. I love seeing a horse with them, and they were kind of fun to paint.

Only had one person try to guess who yesterday's horse was, so I figure either I made everyone mad with my discourse, or, more likely, no one is even reading this! I'm not offended by the look at the picture an run approach...but all the same I'll be quiet now! It's getting close to the end of the month, I might be getting a bit silly here! If you're reading...thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you tomorrow!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love to see a gleaming coat and rippling muscles and although I know first hand the effort that goes into plating manes and tails and adding checks e.t.c I much prefer a tidy how nature intended it look. Do love the way you've captured it though :))
My guess for yesterday's lovely piece would be new mummy Clever.

LDWatkins said...

Yes, you do have readers! LOL Just didn't have time to go through the posts until this morning. I think it is Billy-thought at first maybe Clever-but I think Billy. They're all so beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Elizabeth - I don't like racehorses to be braided either, but I admit I do love checks! Of course most people cheat and use stencils now! And observation of Clever noted. ;-)

Thanks LD - I was probably premature in my whining, especially being the weekend and all! Your guess noted too!

Kathleen said...

Both are lovely paintings! Your comments brought to my attention how often I had painted the two ends - and not so much the middle *laughs* I just never noticed that until it was mentioned here. I guess I just naturally sort of focused on the 'talking ends' of my horses, so to speak!