Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day Five: Billy Blues

Today's model is Billy, who has made an appearance a few times on this blog! Billy has grown quite a bit since the last time I painted him, as a weanling. He's a yearling now, so it's probably not time best time to ask me if he's actually grown *up*!'s really all about fighting that growing up, I think!

This little painting is 5 x 7 oil on masonite, once again with the limited palette. He can have such a sweet eye, Billy, and hopefully I captured it here.

Seeing as I wrote a bonus post yesterday (c'mon...wild turkeys???) I'll keep this short. It was a glorious spring day today, but apparently winter is coming back tomorrow. I, for one, will be in denial about that for as long as I possibly can!

Thanks for checking in! See you tomorrow! And yes, you can check my Etsy store for Billy here if you'd like him to come live with you. Well...for the painting...I don't think I could offer free shipping on the colt! Not to mention what his owners might say!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Like both the crop and the limited palette. You have rendered a real sweet eye... great painting!
Hope the snow stays away...understand your denial: TOTALLY!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sheona! Had to give up on the denial...nice mess of wet snow and freezing rain out there now! I can here ambulance sirens in the distance...the weather is taking its toll on traffic. Glad I don't have to go out!

TinaSL said...

Very wonderful! Came across your blog via your twitter follow, looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work om horses! Its yummy! I will follow you on a reader and continue to enjoy. My best. Tina

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Tina! Hope to see you around in cyberspace! :-)