Friday, March 13, 2009

You Scratch My Back...

Well, this lovely photo of two hairy muddy horses doing the reciprocal grooming thing is actually my way of thanking everybody who participated in my blog poll. If you haven't peeked already, the overwhelming favourite is the dark bay mare and foal. Just an interesting little fact for you...along the lines of the whole "degrees of separation" concept...this mare's name is Toula. And Toula is a half-sister to our very own Medz, chestnut boy extraordinaire! You *do* remember Medz, right? How could you forget that handsome chestnut face? I didn't know that when I picked this photo. I try to remember the names of all the mares when I take photos at this farm, but sometimes it doesn't happen!

Today was a busy one. Twine was ready to be bred, so she and Leo went on a road trip to King City's Norse Ridge Farm. Twine's rendez-vous today was with Alumni Hall, a son of AP Indy. Check out the great shot of him by Dave Landry that was posted on Jen's Thorough-blog a few weeks ago. Due to the van driver's previous commitments, Twine and Leo had to stay at the farm for a few hours after the breeding this morning so that Bill (driver) could fulfil those other commitments. I followed them up in my truck, and after they were settled, decided being in the area was a good excuse to go to Fincham's Harness shop, which is only the best place in Ontario to by halters or tack. I *did* have a reason - Gracie and Billy are outgrowing their weanling halters, so I needed to pick up a couple of yearling halters. I've been wanting another shank and when what I wanted wasn't on hand was told if I was willing to wait, one could be made up on the spot. I considered that a wonderful excuse to browse some more! Naturally I found a couple more things I needed. I stopped myself from buying new collars for the dogs though...beautiful as they were! Not sure I could write those off.

Once I dragged myself away from Fincham's, I headed down to Woodbine and got licensed, heard the latest news on the backstretch, had lunch with a friend, and then we caught the third race from Gulfstream to see Unstable team-member Bully run. Than inspired a call to Florida to talk to our other (long-lost!) friend, trainer of Bully and learn the 'gang' will be home in a little over a week - in plenty of time for Opening Day (April 4!). I managed to get back to Campbellville, make it to the feed store and be back on the farm to welcome Twine and Leo back. For some reason I'm tired! Tomorrow, it's back to life as normal as anything gets around here!

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