Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beauty Sleep

The title is in honour of Monster today - napping in the sunshine, in our lovely mud. I'm without my camera right now, as both body and lens had to go back to Canon for some attention, so I've been running off with my father's Nikon D80. We're not getting along that well, unfortunately, as apparently I can't even get it to focus! I have some really cute baby pics of Leo, but they're fuzzy! That doesn't stop me from using them as painting references, but it does make me hesitate to broadcast that I can't actually take a decent photo! It's a bit humiliating. So far it's been hit and miss, with far too many misses, I'm afraid.

I checked the mare and foal underpainting yesterday and was surprised to find out that it's dry to the touch, which means I can get back to work on it. In the meantime, seeing as I'm apparently in monochrome mode, I've been working on further refining the underpainting of another piece. This is 16 x 20 oil on panel of Canada's 2007 Horse of the Year, Sealy Hill. There's still a ways to go, and hopefully the fact that the racing season in Ontario is just a couple of weeks away will keep me motivated to continue!

Back to work!

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