Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Foal Fix

Okay, I had another post mostly written, but then I took some new pics of the baby and well, I got a bit distracted! We don't ever get tired of foal pics, do we?

The little man now has a barn name - it's Leo. I think it suits him. I put him and Twine out into the slightly larger side paddock today, so that was a new experience. He investigated, then ran around a bit, then played, then jumped mom's hay pile...then he munched hay for a while, and what little sun we had disappeared. At that point he was reminded he's not really big on this Canadian winter thing, and thinks he should be an inside horse. Is he going to be one of *those* Thoroughbreds? Good thing he wasn't born a month ago when it was *really* cold!

I had a crazy day yesterday and didn't end up getting any painting in, but I did do a littel sketch of the colt. So here is some token artwork amid all these photos! This was done with water soluble pencil, just playing around a bit. Drawing and painting babies is such fun!

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Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Nope can't imagine ever get bored looking at foals....and doesn't he look handsome in his first portrait :)