Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Weather Report

That's what this blog has become, hasn't it? While in one sense it "warmed up" today, the wind chill made sure that it felt like -18. The snow started mid-afternoon, and I took pity on the horses and brought them in early. Remember that painting from a couple of days ago of Gladys and Monster waiting by the gate? Well, it actually wasn't like that. It was cold enough everyone was jumping around to keep warm, wondering why Gracie and Jubie got to come in early! Predictions are for as much as 15 cm of snow. I'll see how that's going shortly, when I go back out to the barn !

So, back to the artwork...I hadn't intended to do an underpainting with this one, but that's the direction I ended up going. It's a pretty loose underpainting at this point, and I may refine it a little bit before I start with the colour. The one thing about these snow paintings is that I inevitably use a lot of Titanium White, which means this one has some drying time ahead of it before I can go back to work. I need some 'distance' from it anyway, to regain some perspective ad see the things that need to be fixed before I go any further.

I have a couple other paintings I'd like to do of the boys in the back paddock. The next two include Billy. We'll see if I get to them before I get sick of the white stuff!


Judy Wood said...

You're not the only one to feel like the weather reporter, Linda! That's how I've been feeling for weeks now, too. Luckily we have a break in temps at the moment and actual sunshine which is great, albeit accompanied by very high winds.
It's easy to be preoccupied with winter when it impacts so much on us and our horses.
Good on you for showing such discipline in your painting and posting,despite having to cope with the winter conditions.

Linda Shantz said...

Well for about three days there I wasn't so disciplined, Judy! The painting and working out got tossed out the window! Posting is easy - I need somewhere to whine! :-)