Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still There, But Showing Potential

I'm hoping to distract you from the less-than-stellar progress on this painting by posting some shots of the two boys in question. They're such a couple of goofs, they always make me laugh. I'm going to miss them both when they go back to work!

I spent today working on more blocking in of colour, and just a bit of working up the detail. The funniest thing about this painting is that I'm really not enjoying the surface. A couple of years ago, this was my new best favourite ground for oil painting. Now that I've "moved up" and am working with the more recently discovered Raphael panels and luxurious Artfix linen, these Fredrix panels aren't quite so special anymore! I only have a couple left, and I think the others will be reserved for studies.

Anyway, I'm going to cut this short because Swish is suggesting she'd like to go out, and I've learned to believe Swishy when she makes such requests! So off I go, and I expect I'll be back with more on this painting soon in my drive to push it past this prolonged ugly stage!

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