Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Art of Procrastination!

I haven't practiced this particular art in a while...but it seems to have reared its somewhat ugly head around here. It's my annual last-ditch effort to pull something together for the Art Show at the Dog Show, and I just must've started this painting too early because I'm dawdling! I did get some significant work done on it the other night, and while I wish my excuse for not painting today could be that it was still wet, that just isn't true!

I will, however, dredge up some excuses for my lack of productivity - beyond the typical Christmas/family line. After the mounds of snow we got before Christmas, the temperature worked its way above freezing and brought with it rain. It rained Friday night and much of Saturday, turning our legendary driveway into an even slicker version of a skating rink. On my way out to the barn Saturday morning, I fell victim to the evil icy driveway. While I managed not to knock myself out, I did hit my head pretty hard. I think from now on when the driveway is icy I'll be wearing my helmet and impact vest to walk out to the barn!

Because of the ice the horses stayed in, and after taking some time to recover from my fall, mucking out was a slow process. They ended up staying in again today because of high winds...and of course my body is sore from the top of my head to my tailbone, so again things took a bit longer out there today. I'm not usually a whiner, but I'm claiming that whole story as my reason for not working on the painting! Does that work?

I'm counting on being able to turn the horses out tomorrow. All the snow is gone, but the temps have dropped again so hopefully it won't be too muddy. And hopefully I'll feel more like myself, because I've got a lot to do tomorrow!

Just for fun, I'm going to post a few photos I took from the window the other day (when we still had snow!). This is Billy...playing with a stick. Okay, Billy! Guess it's time to find him some new toys!


Sue Steiner said...

sorry to hear abut your fall Linds. ice is nasty! take care and rest up... we'll be patient! :)

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sue! Maybe I need to look into those spikey things that go on your boots!