Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Tuesday Report

Remember when the Mercer Report used to be called The Monday Report? Or was it the Tuesday Report? And I think it's really now called the Rick Mercer Report. Anyway, if you don't know who Rick Mercer is, none of this means anything to you!

Today was a big day! I actually finished the Mural Mosaic panel. I need to write up my blurb that goes along with the painting, and then it will be placed in the grid on the official site. When I have the blurb written, I'll post the panel here as well. It still needs to be signed and photographed before I send it on its way. I was looking at flights to Calgary for the first week of September today. Not sure yet if that's going to happen!

I also more or less finished one of the smaller paintings that has been kicking around. This little oil is 6 x 8, on Raymar linen panel. I have a couple of touch-ups to do before I sign it, but nothing major. The name took a lot of thought: "Dark Bay on the Curragh." How's that for brilliance? I reserve the right to change that!

I'm running out of time on my self-imposed deadline for Mike Fox. Tonight I continued to work on the colour. At this stage I'm only using a limited palette; I'll juice it up a bit with the next layer. The white of the riders' breeches and silks is still wet, so I'm not going to go back and work on them until those areas are dry.

Till next time!

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