Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rainy Days and Purple Panels

I think the last posting I did of my Mural Mosaic panel was officially what we artists like to call "the ugly stage." It's been leering at me since. As soon as it was dry, I could barely stand to look at it! I found I had to work on it tonight to try and push it past that point. I'd like to say I'm happy with how things went, but I seem to recall being reasonably content while it was still wet the last time, so I'll reserve judgment for now!

Sorry for the blow by blow on this. I was considering not posting again until it was complete. From a progression standpoint, what I did tonight was put another layer on the background to tie it together better, and then started working on tightening up the detail on the horse. I can see a few things I need to adjust while it's still wet, before I clean my brushes. Then it's back out into the rain to take care of the ponies one last time for the day!

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