Sunday, March 09, 2008

Winter's Last Gasp?

We can hope, anyway! I have to admit the day after a big storm is still pretty cool, at least when it's like today was, nice and sunny! The horses always have a blast with fresh snow, so naturally I was ready with my camera. In the afternoon everybody naps...well, except me, that is! I think I was still shoveling snow!

Despite being pretty much fatigued last night (after taking care of the horses in the midst of that snowstorm, then having to drive into town to help tear down an art show! Eek!) I managed to make myself paint. Because I was tired, I worked on the big painting of Monster I started a few weeks ago rather than the more intricate pieces I have on the go. I had a basic monocromatic tonal done, so it was ready for the next step, the underpainting. Again I've deviated from my usual colour combo and I'm working with Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, as well as the new tube of unbleached Titanium that arrived last week. I was happy with the progress, as the background is loosely blocked in, and I got a start on Miss Monster.

Time to carry on! Can't leave Miss Monster looking like she's floating in the mist, though it might be an interesting way to go!


Karen Thumm said...

It's looking good already, Linda!

I love the way your artwork looks so almost finished when it's still in the underpainting stage. You're an inspiration!

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks, Karen! Sometimes I'm tempted just to leave them at that stage (and often they do sit for a while, as I psyche myself up to start the colour!