Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No, Don't Say It!

As I walked out to the barn to feed this morning I thought it won't be long before I'm wanting my vest on. While it's nice to have these cool nights, it's a reminder than (gulp) summer is going to be ending sooner rather than later....sniff!

The most exciting thing to happen in the last week really has nothing to do with me, except that it relates to a painting I've posted a few times. Jambalaya, who I painted winning the '06 Singspiel Stakes, won the Grade I Arlington Million this past Saturday! What a star!! Fortunately ABC televised some races from Arlington so I was able to watch it. You can see the replay on The Blood-Horse.

A few new paintings are in the works. Besides the two commissions I have on the go, I'm working on two paddock scenes and now a new mare and foal piece for a project I recently became aware of. The one little paddock piece is nearly done - it's a 6 x 6 oil on canvas. The second I've just started to block in the colour – in this case, green, green, and more green! Green is a tough colour to get right, so there's lots of work ahead in this one.

I'm kind of excited about the mare and foal piece. So far I've just turned my little thumbnail into the drawing on the canvas itself, and started blocking in some rough tones. Next I'll start the underpainting. This one needs to be done by the middle of September, so I'd better get going on it! It's a composite from three different photographs, so it was fun to put together. Hopefully it will turn out the way I want!

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