Thursday, March 01, 2007

So, what's on the easel, anyway?

Okay, so yes, I've been a little distracted by the new filly. Despite a whole stack of new photos of her begging consideration as reference material for a new painting, I've been working at finishing some of the paintings I've got in progress. A couple are nearly done now. One is a painting of a foal from last year, a lovely Haflinger colt. I'm just debating the composition a little, so it's in limbo. The other is a very quick study I did as a break from the higher detail work I've been doing. These three yearling fillies were photographed in all their early spring scruffiness at Persley Den Farm last year.

The next two in line are a couple of racing paintings. One features Jambalaya winning the Singspeil Stakes. The other is last year's Queen's Plate winner, Edenwold. Sometimes I just love the underpainting, and the way Edenwold came up in great sepia tones, I almost considered leaving it. At the very least I can shoot it at this stage!

The last one is a commission, which will be a surprise birthday gift. As usual, I won't be posting any pics of it until after the birthday in question! For now, here are three -- the two racing paintings in their underpainting stage, and the little quick study. I'm going to call that one "Gate Crashers." I've decided to show it as an underpainting as well, so that you can see with the next post how it evolves!

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