Monday, February 13, 2006

He's Done! "Hopeful"

Here's our boy Pip, finished in time for the show this weekend, even! He went through a bit of an awkward phase, but I think I kind of like him.

The real Pip is still carrying on with his lessons that will help him be a racehorse. In the meantime, he's already been immortalized on canvas! He makes his debut (as a painting) at the Heart to Hand Show, February 17 and 18 at the Sports Centre in Milton, Ontario. This event is put on by the Fine Arts Society of Milton, and boasts a great opening reception on Friday night. Here's to the first show of 2006!

1 comment:

CFGallery said...

Hey! Great work! I love it, especially that light, fluffy snow and the way it is resting on Pip's coat.

Although I have to say he doesn't look particularly impressed by the snow!