Tuesday, October 18, 2022

No, I still have not finished that book.

That was August, right? Embarrassing. I've been pretty good at focusing on finishing another book, though. If this were a normal book I'd be done reading by now, but as it's fantasy, I'm a little more than halfway through. Every now and then I pick up that other book, like when I can't sleep, because it always succeeds in putting me to sleep! Probably worth the sticker price right there. 

I have finished *writing* the next book though. It's called All The Best Things and it's ready to pre-order now, with the paperback coming by the middle of November. I had a lot of fun writing Emilie and Tim's story, as usual grabbing little bits of real life for some of the things that go on in it. Like taking a riding lesson!

After a leisurely warmup, Jodi made her work, and the nerves fluttered away because she didn’t have time for them. She was glad Excursion was fit, even though she wasn’t sure she was herself, quickly breaking into a sweat. Half an hour into the lesson she knew she was going to hurt tomorrow. Forget that. She was going to hurt in an hour.

Next up in the writing department is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month! I believe the first time I did it was around the time I first started this blog. That was a crazy month, as I committed to posting every day, writing every day, and doing a small oil painting ever day. Good times. Crazy, but good. 

Are you taking part in NaNo this year? 

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